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Château de Bazoches





The medieval Château de Bazoches is set half-way up a wooded hill on the site of a former Roman base in direct line of sight of Vézelay (10 km away). It was built in the twelfth century in the form of a trapezium with four towers and a keep surrounding an inner courtyard.
Bazoches was bought in 1675 by Marshal de Vauban with the reward granted to him by King LOUIS XIV after the siege of Maastricht. When he had settled in Bazoches, Vauban carried out many modifications and transformed it into a military garnison. It was at Bazoches, in the recently restored great gallery of the château, that Vauban, the founder of Civil Engineering, produced the studies and drawings for over three hundred constructions and strongholds.
A place of exception : furniture of Vauban (armor, bed-chamber, office, library), 17th century décors on the 4 frontages of the courtyard, 4 immense family trees of which of that Vauban including nearly a thousand coats of arms in hand painted and fired Limoges porcelain.
The garden was created from a project designed by Le Nôtre at Vauban's request.

Now, you can rent the gallery of the château de Bazoches to organize there a lunch or a dinner of prestige.

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Château de Bazoches

58190 Bazoches du Morvan

Tel : +33 3 86 22 10 22
Fax : +33 3 86 22 12 37

Contact : Amaury de Sigalas - A. Cauchy

Railroad Station : Bazoches - Vézelay (10 km) - Montbard (65 Km)
Airport : Dijon (127 Km)

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