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Château et Jardins de Freÿr
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Starting in 1760, the Renaissance gardens were redrawn in classical style inviting to meditation
by canon William of Beaufort-Spontin.
They release a captivating atmosphere when looking at the grass-beds under the shadow of the lime trees, while listening to the peaceful song of the fountains and breathing the fragrance of the orange trees , most of which originated from the Court of Lorraine and are nearing 350 years .
In winter, these trees are kept in the oldest orangeries of the Low Countries.

From 1770, Philip, youngest brother of William
enlarged the gardens by drawing a second major axis perpendicular to the Meuse and terraced on the hillside up to the Frederic Hall, a small Belvedere, Rococo masterwork with refined stucco of the Brothers Moretti.
This second axis unfolds a garden in the style of Le Nôtre and surrounded by intimist mazes (6km) made of hornbeam hedges.