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Château d'Etelan

Visites culturelles

Tours tariffs and Opening days :

From June 15th to September 30th on saturdays, sundays, mondays and tuesdays from 11 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm. The other days : on request.
From October to Easter : on request.

Tarifs :

Tariff : 5 Euros. Free under 12 years old.

Description :

THE CHAPEL : (Listed «Monument historique»).
As integral part of the main building, the Chapel, dedicated to Sainte Madeleine, is the "jewel" of the Château. It is the only place where one can find together, the stained glass windows, wall paintings and statues which characterised the first norman Renaissance.

It was in 1494 that Louis Picard, magistrate of Troyes and Tournaisis, friend and chamberllin of King Louis XIIth whith whom he went to Italy, undertook the construction of the château. His grand daughter, Charlotte d'Esquetot, married Charles de Cossé, the Marshal of Brissac.
In August 1563, the Regent, Catherine de Medicis and the young King Charles IXth visited Etelan, having just recaptured Le Havre from the English (July 27th, 1563). Thus it was in Etelan that Regent, advised by Michel de l'Hôpital decided to proclam one year early the majority of the King (August 4th, 1563).
At Etelan she had drawn up, signed and sealed the letter proclaiming «the King's of age» conveaining the Parliament of Rouen to register the summons.
History or legend tells us that the following people have spent time at Etelan : Louis XIth (June 6th – July 13th, 1475), François Ist (during the construction of the «Port de Grâce»), Catherine de Medicis and Charles IXth with the future kings Henry IIIth and Henry IVth, Marguerite de Navarre and Michel de l'Hôpital (August, 1563), Voltaire (1723 – 1724). André Caplet, composer and winner of the Grand Prix de Rome often stayed in Etelan and composed some of his works there including «Mass for three voices».