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Château de Breteuil, ses jardins, son parc et les contes de Perrault

Visites culturelles

Tours tariffs and Opening days :

Open all the year. Gardens open at 10 am. Interior visits from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Events during all the year.

Tarifs :

Gardens + tales : 9,00 Euros per adult ; 7,50 Euros for youngs and seniors.
Chateau + Gardens + tales : 13,50 Euros per adult. 11,50 Euros for seniors. 10,50 Euros for youngs.
Groups : 11,50 Euros/person.

Description :

A guided tourist visit of the chateau :

* Everyday life of a great family at the heart of European history
50 wax figures made by Musée Grévin.

- The collar of the Queen and the arrest of the Cardinal of Rohan by the Baron of Breteuil in the presence of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie-Antoinette.

- Identical reproduction of the collar of the Queen.

- First steps of "Entente Cordiale" with the Prince of Wales (future
Edouard VII) Gambetta and Henri, Marquis de Breteuil.

- Marcel Proust in the room of Lacquer, in his friend's house Henri de Breteuil, alias Hannibal de Breaute.

* Historical souvenirs :

- the treasure of the chateau, the table of Teschen known as the "table of Europe" by the famous German jeweller Neuber in 1779 to the Baron of Breteuil by Empress Marie-Therese, mother of Queen Marie-Antoinette.

- A service of the royal manufacture of Marieberg in Sweden.

- A collection of one hundred portraits, the family of Breteuil from the 16th century at our days.
Here Françoise de la ROCHEFOUCAULD by Levy-Dhurmer).

Basement kitchen where many characters prepare the lunch to honor King Edouard VII.