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Château de Loubens

Visites culturelles

Tours tariffs and Opening days :

Individual visitors : Open from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm (last entrance). May, June and September, October, November (till the 11th) : Sundays and holidays.
July : 1st and last Sundays (the 4th and 25th). August : Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Opening times for groups : All year long, by advance booking only : (33) (0)5 61 83 12 08.

Tarifs :

Tariff per person : Adult 5 Euros ; child from 8 to 17 years old 3 Euros ; child less than 8 years old : free.
Group : 4 Euros/person.

Description :

The south entrance.
This entrance was created in 1825 in place of the stone staircase which was situated in the hexagonal shaped south tower. The door frame is made of unpolished Pyrenees marble. On the wall are displayed a map of the castle and the draft of a garden dating from the 12th of the prairial month of the year VII referring to the French Revolution calendar.

The guards room.
In this large room, lit up by two high stained-glass windows, you will see a great stone fireplace, a French style ceiling, a 16th century Flamish tapestry and the repliqua of a 15th century armour.

The kitchen.
This is the former kitchen. You will see a mantelpiece with wooden columns and pieces of enamel work built by Jules de G-L.

The Capitoul study.
This was Joseph-François de Gounon-Loubens living room. His desk, placed in front of the stone fireplace, faces his official portrait where he wears the Capitouls uniform.

The library.
This vaulted room is located on the second floor of the north-west tower. This is where Hugues de Loubens-Verdalle was born in 1531. Not much has changed in this room over the past centuries.

The wall papers.
In the librarys antechamber, this Directoire style wall paper is classified by the French Historical Monuments. With surprisingly vivid colours, it represents cariatides, griffons and pineapples on a pink marble background.